After graduating in Fine Art at Newcastle Polytechnic, my interest in landscape drew me to North Yorkshire, where I opened and ran Millbeck Photographic Gallery for 10 years, at a time when spaces showing photographic images were rare.

I then made the move to Greater Manchester where I taught and lectured in Art, Film and Photography. In later years I studied for an MA in Film, Peter Greenaway and the interconnectivity of art forms being a major interest in my studies.

Over the years I continued making images and exhibiting work which developed beyond earlier ideas of landscape. I have travelled extensively throughout Europe in a trusty VW Caravette; from the Årctic Circle to Spain; Eastern Europe in 1990; Russia; the USA; Cuba; Iceland and, more recently S E Asia including Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia. These excursions have provided extensive opportunity for, and have influenced, various photographic projects.

Having studied sculpture at art college it seemed natural this would lead to photographing the sculptural form, the latter taking over as the art form in its own right. It can be seen in my images that 3 Dimensional form, structure and space, have had a significant influence in much of the work. Many images link these concerns with the past, or passing, influence of human intervention or presence. Whilst observing the bizarre and theatrical, I am interested in those formal elements that show evidence of human mediation, often ephemeral or transitory, in commonplace situations. A particular interest is the interaction of human intervention and the space in which these interventions occur, and the sometimes transitory nature of such impermanent juxtapositions.